“Just the Tip”| An Introduction

A Weekly (Vlog) Series:

Educating You by Passing on One Important Tip at a Time

Some of you probably read the words “Just the Tip” and thought “Are you kidding? How classless.” You would be right; it is somewhat vulgar. However, it’s attention grabbing.

One piece of advice I want to give to you as an entrepreneur and marketer: Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous. Don’t be afraid to be yourself outwardly, 100%. When it comes to grabbing the attention of a group or an audience, perfectionism isn’t appealing to the vast majority of people. This took me A LONG TIME to grasp and fully embrace.


I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to be overly critical of themselves, especially with regards to appearance (ladies, I’m looking at you). However, when that internal criticism and judgment hinders you from achieving certain successes, it’s time buck up and face your fears. With that said, I’ve decided to publish a weekly vlog, which will feature me in whatever non-glamorous, imperfect, and potentially messy physical (or mental) state of that moment (unlike that edited photo at the top of this page).


As noted above, I will be briefly discussing one important marketing, financial, communications, or entrepreneurial tip in each segment. I’d like to preface by stating that these tips are going to feature (what I consider) highly relevant information, I’m not going to tell you about the importance of “doing your best.” Not only is that generic but pretty obvious to most. I’ve experienced some pretty drastic ups and downs over the years and am looking forward to (hopefully) teaching you some concepts, tactics, ideas, and strategies that may currently be a bit foreign or gray. My goal is to provide information that will save valuable time, energy, and possible angst as well as promote further success to anyone watching.

strategic tips

I would love to hear about the specific topics that interest you most or that you’d like covered. I’m looking forward to connecting further!

Try finding one thing that makes you mentally or emotionally uncomfortable and tackling it. It’s pretty freeing.




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