September Breakthroughs: Current Products & Events for You [In Pictures]

Obviously, the release of the iPhone 7 is big news for some of us.  Let’s “up” your knowledge on some other tech, events, & more.  FYI, when talking to a friend at Apple on Monday, He highly recommended these Bose Wireless Headphones over the Beats, Apparently, the quality is superior & cost much less at around $220 (Compared to > $300).

So, Here’s What’s Happening: Discover Some of September’s Current News, Products, and Events of Business & Innovation from Around the Globe



One | Intel’s new “Beyond-the-PC Strategy” is sound pretty awesome to me.  Sounds like accessible thermal cameras, smart homes, and robotics are on their way.

Two | New to entrepreneurship? Check out these innovative and savvy ways to save some cash early on.

Three | As someone who worked in Higher Ed and at a university whose methodology is both stagnant and old school, this article resonated majorly with me. Everyone learns differently, there are some excellent ways to earn credentials & degrees that don’t fit the norm. I would also recommend this article to help gain clarity on these types of methods (Stackability and Modularity).  I would also check out platforms like Coursera and Lynda.

Four | I’ve had some fairly frustrating experiences with Uber. I’m looking forward to utilizing  Google’s “true” ride-sharing service (based on Waze), later this year.

Five | As a blogger and YouTuber, I most definitely own and use a selfie stick (I sometimes get tired of the onlookers during use). Stikbox is, “if nothing else” a good way to keep your ownership of a selfie stick incognito.

Six | For anyone out there who owns a Galaxy Note 7, I would suggest not carrying it around with you… especially not to the airport.  Yikes.

Seven | It looks like Google is going to be dropping their “Nexus” branding.  Along with that, here is some additional information on the highly anticipated release of their Nexus 7 2016 Tablet. According to many, Google’s next gen tablet will come preloaded with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Eight | An interesting message for bloggers, or just site owners in general, on how ads are potentially killing your SEO.

Nine | There’s an abundance of lists, articles and other resources that discuss apps that are specifically useful for entrepreneurs.  I like the compiled list that this article offers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on all these upcoming tech releases.  I hope everyone has a fabulous & safe weekend.



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