Big News Business Bulletins

During my time away from the “blogosphere”, I decided to change this up a bit. While I think current events are relevant, and information on politics, the economy, and (of course) entrepreneurship can be invaluable, featuring stories that are perhaps less mainstream is more desirable to me. While still related to business, these news articles and stories will focus on a more unique variety of sectors, as well as topics that are of great personal interest to me.


One | I was pretty excited to hear that Snapchat intends to IPO.  Back when I worked in venture lending, there was a lot of buzz around Snapchat’s valuation and the fact that it seemed rather out of whack. Now, even two years later, it appears that investors might want to take another look.

Two | I know a lot of people who are interested in working from home.  There have been times that I’ve wondered how feasible that actually is, is it realistic? Obviously, it varies from industry to industry; this article also provides some interesting insights on the subject.

Three | Sometimes, I find motivational quotes help to better my mood and inspire me to push on during difficult moments.  As a female entrepreneur, I’m also a huge fan of the Women’s Entrepreneur Day which we now celebrated globally. I found some of the quotes listed out here to be incredibly insightful, and love the diverse panel of women from which they were collected.

Four |  I believe I’ve previously mentioned my lifelong obsession with Chanel.  Anyone who’s familiar with Chanel’s classic line is (most likely) aware of their infamous tweed jacket.  When I read about their newly launched tweed-inspired eyeshadow, I had to post it.

Five | As a Pop Art enthusiast, specifically with regards to Andy Warhol, I was interested to read about Sean Lennon’s newly written tribute song, “Love and Warhol.” Even more so than Roy Lichtenstein or Jasper Johns, Warhol, as an iconic figure never seems to cease in growth.

Six |  I find the basic principals surrounding “wearable computing” to be interesting and conceivably more innovative than any other mobile product we’ve seen yet. Therefore, when I heard that Apple was looking to expand into wearable, digital glasses, I was intrigued. Google attempted to create a product within this market some time ago and failed. I’m curious as to what Apple’s differentiation(s) will be, and how long it will be until they get this product out of its exploration phase.

Seven | I enjoyed this article and found its points to be spot-on.  While titled “4 Myths About Entrepreneurship and What It’s Really About,” it focuses more specifically on start-up entrepreneurship, as opposed to single person entities/entrepreneurs or lifestyle entrepreneurs, who typically just work for themselves.  As someone who previously assessed risk for venture-backed start-ups looking to obtain debt, I can honestly say that the points touched upon here are incredibly accurate.  The start-up environment has a lot of excellent qualities, but also requires tireless hours (at times), less pay, and far more process build-out than a well functioning organization.

Eight | Not only do I have lots of admiration for young adults who take the leap from a cushy 9:00 to 5:00 to fulfill their (sometimes far riskier) dreams, I am also in awe of the philanthropic nature of this project, specifically. I would recommend that anyone, regardless of age, take the necessary steps to create something unique, if the idea presents itself, for themselves and the world around them as Sterling McDavid has done.

Nine | I remember when scrapbooking with acid-free paper became a big deal.  I’m so happy to see that a more practical way of saving those invaluable photos we all have stashed away in shoe boxes, books, and binders has presented itself in such an accessible and user-friendly application.

As always, thank you for reading.  I hope anyone and everyone in the United States are having a peaceful Thanksgiving week.



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