Big News Business Bulletins

During my time away from the “blogosphere”, I decided to change this up a bit. While I think current events are relevant, and information on politics, the economy, and (of course) entrepreneurship can be invaluable, featuring stories that are perhaps less mainstream is more desirable to me. While still related to business, these news articles and stories will focus on a more unique variety of sectors, as well as topics that are of great personal interest to me.

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September Breakthroughs: Current Products & Events for You [In Pictures]

Obviously, the release of the iPhone 7 is big news for some of us.  Let’s “up” your knowledge on some other tech, events, & more.  FYI, when talking to a friend at Apple on Monday, He highly recommended these Bose Wireless Headphones over the Beats, Apparently, the quality is superior & cost much less at around $220 (Compared to > $300).

So, Here’s What’s Happening: Discover Some of September’s Current News, Products, and Events of Business & Innovation from Around the Globe

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Intriguing Interiors with an Entrepreneurial Edge

I think most of us agree that a well-decorated space goes a long way.  In recent years, Houzz has become a relatively great success within the interior design e-commerce market.  With over $165M total raised (currently being led by a tier 1 investor), one acquisition under their belt, and great upside potential for an IPO, they’re currently the largest of their kind. While becoming a venture-backed (design) company certainly isn’t right for every organization, several smaller entrepreneurial interior design platforms are blossoming within the e-commerce market and are worth a look. Let’s check em’ out.

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