September Breakthroughs: Current Products & Events for You [In Pictures]

Obviously, the release of the iPhone 7 is big news for some of us.  Let’s “up” your knowledge on some other tech, events, & more.  FYI, when talking to a friend at Apple on Monday, He highly recommended these Bose Wireless Headphones over the Beats, Apparently, the quality is superior & cost much less at around $220 (Compared to > $300).

So, Here’s What’s Happening: Discover Some of September’s Current News, Products, and Events of Business & Innovation from Around the Globe

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Discover these Amazing Products & Immediately Better Your Day

While entrepreneurship can lead one to live their life with more freedom, it doesn’t always mean that the hours worked are less, especially not initially.  As I discussed here, tenacity and the ability to maintain focus for extended periods of time are crucial.  Below, I’ve outlined some of the items I use daily that help me to stay focused and feeling good, both inside and out.

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